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Maarten Jurriaanse

Head of strategy and game-changing


Ping-pong Design has been around since the year 2000. Founders Barry de Bruin and Maarten Jurriaanse have so far managed to keep the motive behind their design firm secret: to make the world (design by design) a better place. Idealistic but undogmatic. Mind and heart balanced. Blazing new trails. With the passing of time, their conviction has grown stronger:

No service, no value

You feel attention. Shallowness is finite. Self-conscious consumers and residents opt for products that do indeed meet their requirements. Products that ‘know’ how to be faithful to their users. Develop them with devotion. Offer them with devotion. Offer them on the basis of personal care for the client.

DIYers innovate the market

Small-scale turns big. The public increasingly unites in cooperatives and ad hoc combinations in order to realise value that is in line with their own local needs. Commercial and social organisations: act on what’s lacking! Provide the excellent knowledge, systems and networks that strengthen these public federations.

Design creates relationships

Awarding creates trust. Trust allows relationships to grow. Slowly, you will see a special ‘eco system’ of provider and clients who keep each other balanced. They are honest about their intentions. They understand each other, they influence and correct each other. Thanks to the reciprocity, participants stay loyal to each other.

Ping-pong Design works on such

healthy long-term relationships.